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For 3 generations Feiffer Consult has been working on the optimization of the harvest. For more than 60 years, the "Feiffer Pan" has been used for fast and secure loss measurement and for calibrating these less reliable loss sensors. Our apps and software solutions facilitate the optimization of the combine and accelerate the harvesting process.

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Dr. Peter Feiffer

Peter Feiffer (* June 28, 1934 in Liegnitz, then province of Lower Silesia; † February 15, 2017 in Nordhausen) was a German researcher and inventor in agricultural science. He is considered the founder of technological combine threshing optimization in Germany and was a full member of the Academy of Non-Profit Sciences at Erfurt.

He spent his childhood on a manor in Bucz near Poznan. After the end of World War 2, he and his family fled to East Germany. After graduating from high school, he studied agricultural sciences at the HU Berlin. He received his doctorate here in 1965 on combine variety testing. In 1986, he habilitated under Artur Spengler at the Academy of Agricultural Sciences of the GDR (AdL) with a dissertation B on process optimization in grain harvesting. In the GDR of the 1960s, he founded the Center for Mechanization and Technology in Nordhausen. The transformation of this research center into the company feiffer consult enabled him to continue his scientific activities after German reunification.

In 1961, in collaboration with Manfred von Ardenne, he invented the electronic loss control for combine harvesters. Permanent measurement and monitoring of grain losses in the ongoing harvesting process is of particular importance for effective utilization of the performance capacities of these machines by the combine harvester operator. These devices made it possible for the first time to record grain losses fully automatically and to display them in the driver's cab while the threshing process was still in progress. The use of this device initially led to significant increases in crop yields on farms in the GDR. Subsequently, this technology became established beyond the borders of the GDR. Today, all loss meters in modern harvesting machines operate according to this functional principle.

In addition, he developed new concepts for the general process optimization of combine harvesting: parallel grain transfer, the use of interchangeable drivers or combine harvesting in a complex. The loss test pan widely used in modern agriculture for calibrating loss measuring instruments can also be traced back to Peter Feiffer.

Recognizing his special achievements, he was also called the "combine threshing pope" by the experts.

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