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Loss control pan "Grain Tablet" (universal for all header widths)

Loss control pan "Grain Tablet" (universal for all header widths)

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### Attention: Product is only available from 10.07.2023! ###

The Feiffer "Grain Tablet" - in a handy format (universal for all header widths)
For the precise determination of loss caused by straw walker and cleaning processes during the grain harvest. Crop yield losses impact performance and with this, costs.

Our "Grain Tablet" catches a certain amount of straw and chaff and calculates an exact loss value in %. It is suitable for all header widths.

This loss test pan is used in combination with the "Feiffer Grain" app. The number of lost grains is easily and quickly read off a simple counting scale and entered into the app. The app not only calculates the exact loss value, but also the financial loss in €/ha. If you want to be even more precise, you can weigh the amount of loss with a electronic scale and enter the weight into the app instead of the number of grains.

The result is very precise because it relates to the specific header width, swath width, to the yield, the thousand-seed weight as well as to the method (swath/forage harvester and chaff distributor on/off).

In addition to the aforementioned simplifications provided by the app, the "Grain Tablet" offers all the well-known advantages of our well-known "Grain Pan":

  • fast and reliable loss detection with an immediate loss result
  • no more counting of grains, no complicated conversion necessary
  • enables the often less accurate electronic loss sensor to be calibrated by assigning to its loss values a more precise, actual loss value based on the measurement results of the loss control pan
  • helps to optimally adjust the combine harvester / harvesting at the most efficient yield-loss-rate
  • suitable for all threshing crops and combine types

You can find more information specifically about the app on our overview page "Apps". The download link is located directly below this text. You can see how the Grain Tablet is used in practice in the YouTube-video next to the product images.


App "Feiffer Grain" (Google Play)

App "Feiffer Grain" (Apple App Store)

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