Research & Projects

Research is one of our core competencies: Numerous patents and developments come from our company. The electronic loss control system, developed together with Manfred v. Ardenne, is now installed in every combine harvester. We are working in a cluster of scientists on the future of combine harvesters.



    RegioFresh24 is a project supported by the Thüringer Aufbaubank with EU funds for the "development of short supply chains and local markets" in Thuringia. A broad-based cooperation of Thuringian experts in the field of agricultural production is developing a mobile, automated sales container to promote the direct marketing of locally produced vegetables, sausages and, where appropriate, milk.

    The project is carried out by:

    • the agricultural consultants of Feiffer Consult GmbH & Co. KG
    • the producers of Sprötauer Champignons GmbH and Geratal Agrar GmbH & Co. KG
    • supported by the associations Landvolkbildung e.V. and Vereinigung der landwirtschaftlichen Direktvermarkter Thüringens e.V.
    A largely automated, mobile or flexible sales container is planned, in which the customers scan the goods themselves and there is no permanently present salesperson. All participating local producers will offer their (seasonally available) food at prices below the usual supermarket prices in a cost-saving concept equipped with modern digital technology. The idea is to create a kind of farm store in particularly attractive locations, which will increase the competitiveness of Thuringian producers and the availability of regional food.


    LiMoSIn - Monitoring system for corn borer

    In the LiMoSIn project, a monitoring system for corn borers is to be developed ready for small-scale production. The existing functional model was developed in 2017 - 2019 in the ZIM project „Entwicklung eines vollautomatisierten, lichtbasierten Monitoringsystems zur Maiszünslerbekäpfung (MoMa)“. The system consists of three components; an innovative live light trap, an evaluation server and a customer app. The main challenges in the project relate to the robustness, operating safety and manufacturing price of the light trap.

    Device for Automatic Loss Measurement in Harvesters

    On the basis of an own patent filed in February 2016, an automated method and device for measuring threshing losses in harvesters is being developed. This is a new technology by which threshing losses can be collected and determined in the running process. We want to attach a collection device to a combine harvester without the need for fixed mounting. Through an innovative self-holding system, it can be mounted at a variety of suitable locations on the combine. It can be triggered automatically by wireless activation at any relevant point while driving in the field. With this device, loss measurement can be carried out flexibly on any combine harvester and work safety can be decisively increased. The loss measurement procedure and thus the entire harvesting process is made more efficient.



    The research project "Online Ermittlung des Hektolitergewichts" is intended to establish a novel method for determining the bulk density of grain in practical agriculture. This opens up the possibility of obtaining the information needed to optimize grain logistics and use while the grain is still in the field.



    The „Sentinels für Thüringer Informationssysteme“ project (SenThIS for short) is funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure and aims to increase the application possibilities and acceptance of remote sensing data in operational state operations. For this purpose, developments and implementations of prototypical products for the thematic areas of agriculture, forestry and water management (flood forecasting) were realized. Primarily optical data from Sentinel-2 will be used to support the management of agriculture, such as detection for maturity mapping.