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Loss measuring system "Feiffer LMS-BASIS-Kit"

Loss measuring system "Feiffer LMS-BASIS-Kit"

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The flexible loss measurement system for dealers and combine harvester fleets

The "Feiffer LMS-BASIS-Kit" (Loss Measuring System) has been specially developed for farmers who use several combine harvesters. Measure losses flexibly with magnet and remote control.

  • high-precision determination of straw walker, rotor and sieve losses through the simultaneous use of 2 loss control pans across half the header width
  • based on the loss grains actually found in the loss control pan, the sensitivity of the electronic loss sensor can be corrected (calibration)
  • you harvest safely at at the most efficient performance-loss-rate and the combine settings can be adjusted

One loss pan is fixed under the conveyor of the combine harvester using a flexible magnetic holder; the second pan can be placed manually behind the header. This means that a measurement is carried out across half the header width. This innovative magnet system is battery-operated (approx. 1200 drops per battery set), which ensures full flexibility. No screwing, no laying cables! The loss control pan is automatically ejected via remote control. The threshing losses are collected. Our "Field Fan" makes it easier to separate the grains from straw and chaff. The grains are weighed using a pocket scale. The result is entered into the “Feiffer LMS” app. An exact loss value is determined based on the specific yield and the combine harvester parameters.

The Kit contains the following components:

More information especially about the app can be found on our overview page "Apps". The download link is located directly below this text.


App "Feiffer LMS" (Google Play)

App "Feiffer LMS" (Apple App Store)


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