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Field Fan

Field Fan

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Our practical companion in the field - the field fan

With our field fan, you can quickly and reliably separate the lost grains from straw and chaff. Simply pour the contents of the loss control pan into the fan!

  • with potentiometer for infinitely variable adjustment of the required wind force
  • runs on standard batteries, for 2 h continuous operation (sufficient for at least 2 harvesting campaigns); no cable required, no risk of deep discharge as with rechargeable batteries
  • prevents unintentional blowing over of grains from the "Classic 6-8", "Classic 8-10" or "Grain Tablet" loss control pan
  • suitable for all threshing crops, from fine-grained crops such as rapeseed to coarse-grained crops such as field beans

Also suitable for cleaning the hand sample for grain moisture measurement. If you tear off ears / pods and rub them out by hand, you can throw the contents into the blower and save yourself the trouble of blowing them out manually. Ensures a correct and clean sample, especially in oilseed rape.


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