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Automatic release "Grain Tablet"

Automatic release "Grain Tablet"

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Automatic ejection for our "Grain Pan" - eject your loss pan at the push of a button

Whereas previously a second person was always needed to check for losses, with the automatic ejection the driver can drop the "Grain Tablet" loss control pan at any point of interest. Just press a button in the cab: it falls to the ground in the centre between the wheels and is not accidentally run over by the wheel, even with long rapeseed stubble or when reversing against the swath. This increases your work safety and keeps you dust-free!

  • simple installation on any type of combine harvester
  • can be mounted under the grain conveyor
  • the loss control pan is clicked onto a magnetic holder, strong magnets hold the pan securely in the device
  • no separate power supply necessary, the socket for the header trailer is used
  • triggered by switching on the warning lights

The driver can now conveniently check the losses and make decisions regarding settings and driving speed.

Attention: Scope of delivery does not include the "Grain Tablet". Please order separately!


Article trade journal: Feiffer Grain Tablet - Dropping a tab

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