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Loss control hopper "Grain Cups" (only for chopper mode)

Loss control hopper "Grain Cups" (only for chopper mode)

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Concept for loss measurement by Winfried Fechner of the University of Halle (Germany)

This concept for loss measurement was developed by Winfried Fechner at the University of Halle. In cooperation it is now also offered by Feiffer Consult.

  • based on the loss grains actually found in the loss control pan, the sensitivity of the electronic loss sensor can be corrected (calibration)
  • you harvest safely at at the most efficient performance-loss-rate and the combine settings can be adjusted
  • if the losses are reduced by just 0.5%, the "Grain Cups" will have already paid for itself after just 20 hectares

The set consists of 6 throwing cups, a scale and a carrying bag. The evaluation of the grains found is done via the free app "Feiffer Grain" (links below). The grain loss cups require little space and ensure high statistical reliability. Thanks to a weight, the collecting surface always points upwards, just like a standing man.

  • fast and reliable loss detection with an immediate loss result
  • no more counting of grains, no complicated conversion necessary
  • suitable for all threshing crops and combine types

Attention: The "Grain Cups" can only be easily retrieved in chopper mode! The cups are particularly suitable for long rapeseed stubble.

  • 6 Grain Cups
  • 1 scale
  • 1 carrying bag

You can find more information specifically about the app on our "Apps" page. The download link is located directly below this text.


App "Feiffer Grain" (Google Play)

App "Feiffer Grain" (Apple App Store)

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