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Dissertation "Druscheignung und Mähdrescherleistung" (book)

Dissertation "Druscheignung und Mähdrescherleistung" (book)

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"Druscheignung und Mähdrescherleistung" - Threshing suitability and combine performance
With regard to the parameter "threshing suitability" of a crop, it is commonly assumed that this criterion is determined by the genetics of the variety and the weather pattern, largely uninfluenced by the farmer. And yet the farmer, with all his decisions from variety selection, fertilization, crop protection to harvest management, is constantly changing threshing suitability.

At harvest, the last stage in the process chain, threshing suitability has an extraordinarily large economic impact.

Using various examples from breeding, plant nutrition, plant protection and harvesting technology, it was shown how threshing suitability can be influenced and how these effects can be evaluated in monetary terms.

  • Author: Dr. Andrea Feiffer
  • 165 pages, 82 illustrations
  • Forschungsbericht Landtechnik Nr. 2
  • ISBN: 978981192025

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