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Loss control pan "Grain Pan" (for 6-8 m header widths, can also be used with smaller hw)

Loss control pan "Grain Pan" (for 6-8 m header widths, can also be used with smaller hw)

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Our standard loss control pan - proven for over 20 years

With our loss control pan "Grain Pan", you always have your threshing losses under control! Determine your straw walker, rotor and sieve losses precisely. Grains no longer have to be searched for on the ground and the loss value estimated.

  • if the losses are reduced by just 0.5%, the "Grain Pan" will have already paid for itself after just 15 hectares
  • based on the loss grains actually found in the loss control pan, the sensitivity of the electronic loss sensor can be corrected (calibration)
  • you harvest safely at at the most efficient performance-loss-rate and the combine settings can be adjusted

The loss control pan catches a third of a square meter of straw and chaff. The loss grains in it are pushed into a combination of three boxes. Each filled box takes a value of 0.5% loss. It is possible to differentiate between swath deposit mode and chopper mode.

  • fast and reliable loss detection with an immediate loss result
  • no more counting of grains, no complicated conversion necessary
  • suitable for all threshing crops and combine types with header widths from 4 to 8 m

You can find further instructions for use in the YouTube-video next to the product images and under the link to the PDF with the operating instructions directly below this text.



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